L o n g r u n A r t i s t e s  was established by Gina Long in December 2005 and is now run with Ailbhe Buckley, working full time as an Assisting agent

Longrunartistes Agency prohibits all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment

Our Agency deals with a vast variety of jobs across the industry with clients in Stage, Film, Commercial and Corporate work. Known for our personal approach and close partnership, we seek committed artists, who understand that representation is collaboration!

stars wars.jpeg

Paul Kasey playing the role of C`ai Threnalli in 'STAR WARS - THE RISE OF SKYWALKER' & 'STAR WARS - THE LAST JEDI'!

 2017 & 2019

Zakira & Lyla Daniel appearing in a LIDL commercial 


ROSEANNA BELL & CORINA WÜRSCH choreographed for and appeared in a COSTA commercial!


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